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Romero Interview

I didn’t know he worked with Mr. Rogers. Or maybe I did but I’ve forgotten. That’s why I like to read interviews. lol I just can’t remember everything anymore. There’s a cool interview with George Romero. It’s not a surprise to me that he’s not a big horror fan. The zombies are a metaphor for […]

Artist Kasami Sensei has done some really creative renditions of beloved disney characters as they would be look in a zombie apocalypse. Of course the women are all scantily clad. Why wouldn’t they be? Their clothes rip more easily don’t ya know? Some of the guys were drawn to be more attractive rather than bundled […]

Trying to write on here is a problem I cause for myself. I figure I should step in and write a million word, million dollar post every time. How about I just do like I set out?¬†Write when I find zombie stuff I need to share and get it up quick. It’s after the Super […]