ZNation Review

z nation tv seriesI started watching Znation with the assumption it would be cheesy and campy.

But when does cheesy and campy stop us zombie obsessed from watching?


It totally is cheesy and campy!!!

Before I turned it on I clicked on my alerts and found out that Z Nation is local. I live south of Seattle and this was filmed completely in Spokane and locally produced. The hubby and I lived in Spokane for a while and have a love for the place. I can’t wait to see landmarks!

Here’s  a little  more info on filming in Spokane.

So back to the cheesey. I LOVE IT. It’s full on B movie. But since we only have an hour show, it doesn’t have the long drag with them trying to give us a lot of story. They can spread the story out.

It tossed a bit of info out in this first episode but not too much.

I won’t be suggesting that my hubby watch this with me. I don’t think he’s a b movie fan and I know he’s not zombie obsessed. He puts up with me in so many ways.

There ended up being this creepy zombie baby in the first episode. Oh wait, spoiler alert. It went a little too cheesy and a lot like Chucky. They ignored the rule of zombie and that they had the baby do some hiding. Oops, can’t go off character like that. Either they are going to be smart enough to hide or they attack on instinct. Have to stick with it lol

I was worried about the overtold story of trying to get the only survivor, the antibody, across the country. How many movies have we watched with that storyline folks?

But as of right now, it looks like they are hitting it out of the park. I look forward to watching future episodes and see if they keep it just a little different like it’s already starting out.

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Zombie Apocalypse Hits Disney

Artist Kasami Sensei has done some really creative renditions of beloved disney characters as they would be look in a zombie apocalypse.

Of course the women are all scantily clad. Why wouldn’t they be? Their clothes rip more easily don’t ya know? Some of the guys were drawn to be more attractive rather than bundled up in coats and hoodies. Thanks for giving us gals some eye candy too.

Wait…did I just call disney characters eye candy?

Go check out the drawings Disney Characters take on the zombie apocalypse

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The Walking Dead Season 4

Tomorrow’s the day!

The Walking Dead: Season 4 comes out on dvd and blu-ray. Sure you can watch it a few places for free right now, but for how long? When will they decide to take away that free ondemand viewing? And it’s not on netflix until the 28th. But then again, will they keep #TWD on netflix forever?

Why chance it?!!!

Buy your own copies and be guaranteed that your walking dead obsession can always be fed.

If you order within the next few hours you can even get it delivered tomorrow.

Or wait a couple of days and get free shipping, which is what my cheap ass always likes to do ;)

You know you need to rewatch it before Oct 12 when season 5 premiers. As I’m writing this post, I’m in the middle of a season 4 marathon. I watch each episode twice before deleting it from my DVR each week and now I’m watching onDemand since it’s the only option available. How many times have you watched season 4 so far?

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Z Nation from SyFY Channel

z nation tv seriesAs my site url says, I can’t get enough zombie stuff. Good, bad and/or cheesy.

Let’s cross our fingers that the new Z Nation series from the SyFy channel is good and will give The Walking Dead a run for it’s money. Competition is a great thing.

The pilot is this Friday night so make sure you set it up on your DVR.

So what’s the basis for the show?

Z Nation starts three years after the zombie virus has gutted the country, a team of everyday heroes must transport the only known survivor of the plague from New York to California, where the last functioning viral lab waits for his blood. Although the antibodies he carries are the world’s last, best hope for a vaccine, he hides a dark secret that threatens them all. With humankind’s survival at stake, the ragtag band embarks on a journey of survival across three thousand miles of rusted-out post-apocalyptic America.

I know, I know, how stereotypical. Everyone that holds the key for survival is always across the country.

The show is created by The Asylum, which is best known by the public for sharknado and sharknado 2. However, click their name and you will be taken to a long list of great B movies. They’ve become quite specialized in the mockbuster. The list includes what movie they were mocking.

Here’s the trailer:

You should recognize some people. Walter from Lost is front and center. That super, skinny guy was in Lost for one episode. He’s been in other stuff and always creeps me out. It’s not his fault, I’m attracted to lineman type guys and he is the exact opposite lol

I have a feeling I will really like this show. But I’m curious if it will be a mockbuster of #TWD or if it will be a serious show? Is it possible they could make it a bit of both?!

Guess we’ll find out this weekend and all meet up on the facebook page to talk about it ;)

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Walking Dead Spinoff

the walking dead spinoffWell, it’s difficult for me to want to call it a spinoff of The Walking Dead. I mean, that usually equals a complete fail in my book. There’s no way this could fail.

All new characters and a different location. We’ll be able to see how others are dealing with the zombie apocalypse!

Entertainment Weekly gave us the scoop yesterday that Robert Kirkman, Gale Anne Hurd and David Alpert are on the task of creating a new show for A&E that would be set in a different location. You know they won’t let it go into production later this year unless it’s amazing.

You know when writers as good as Kirkman and Alpert are excited about creating this other world for us, it’s gonna be good. The Walking Dead Companion Series

Go read the full article and wait in suspense for more info with.

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Walking Dead Marathon

I swear the problem with me updating is my own design. I figure I should step in and write a million work, million dollar post every time.

How about I just do like I set out? Kiss my ass on your opinions and this is mine. lmao

It’s after the Super Bowl and I’m still up at 1am. Go figure! I live just south of Seattle. Our FD chief would love if I’d gone into town and video’d for him lol If my firefighter wasn’t so sure I’d never do it, I’m sure he would have freaked out. My youngest (16 year old boy) was all over the trip into town tonight. It was a mess when my daughter saw it on the freeway going into Seattle. We know only trouble came in later. We’ve lived here through many riots.

I saw the tail end of season 2: Nebraska. That was perfect start into a marathon. This is when Rick turns into the Ricktator. It’s a kick ass moment when you get to look back. As a zombie obsessed girl, I get to look back often.

However, getting into a kick ass spot for a marathon at 1 am on a Sunday night doesn’t matter. It’s still going to be a bad night for me to stay up any later. No matter the spot it’s leaving at.

My bday is in exactly 27 hours.

I’m not afraid to make some family members do a marathon. I have this on netflix :)

I will start reading the books again since the tv show is so far off from the books. I want to read the new governor books lol


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Silent Night, Zombie Night Movie Review

Ah, B movie! What a way to spend a Saturday night alone.

Starts right off with zombies attacking. Yeah!

Lady is in her car crying and we quickly find out she’s leaving her husband. We find out quick who her asshole husband is. Even though I just met her, I know she should have left him sooner.

The zombies have varying degrees of intelligence, just like humans. I think that’s pretty realistic actually. Some just wander around and keep bumping into things. They make very easy targets with a baseball bat.

Then there are the one’s that know you are inside the house and are looking up at you in the second story window. Oh, hate creepy, smart zombies. They end up being called speeders and roamers but I won’t spoil it for you more than that.

We’re instantly thrown into a love triangle. Two buddies that are cops and the wife of one of them who’s a nurse. Go figure? A cop or firefighter married to a nurse. So stereotypical lol

The makeup on the zombies is really comical. I think there are people that go to conventions with better makeup. But I guess having a budget to get that many people looking like zombies would be high.

Silent Night, Zombie Night is a good old B horror movie. I give it an undead 4 out of 5. They did toss enough new stuff in there to keep me paying attention.

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Devil’s Playground Movie Review

Ok, reading the back of the Devil’s Playground case left me with little hope for this movie. Very cliche. Outbreak in London, yeah, yeah and one woman immune that they need to escort back to the lab. It sounds very familiar doesn’t it. I haven’t reviewed that movie yet but hey, don’t base your B movie from something that is a cult classic. (I’m referring to 28 Weeks Later)

Hmm, or maybe do because there are people like me that will have to rent it just to see how different you try to make it? I’m full of answers aren’t I?

I’ll be honest, I watched this movie twice. The first time I didn’t make it all the way through as it was way too late to have put a movie in, even for this insomniac. But even the second time around it took quite a while for me to get into it. After midway it did get better & held my interest.

It’s a B movie, no doubt about that. The acting is merely ok and a lot of scenes are in the same rooms.

But the zombies themselves? UGH, what were they thinking? They seem more like werewolves that eat people. Sniffing in the air constantly, crouched down ready to spring and can do fancy tricks like jumping from the floor to the wall to bounce on you. I think they got a little confused with Underworld. There isn’t any decomposing going on but I can understand that. That makeup would get expensive.

They have these ridiculous veins though. Pale skin and dark green/purply veins. I guess that helps us all know who is infected. Just in case you couldn’t tell by their snarling and sniffing the air like dogs.

The mercenary storyline is a decent try at adding some depth. Plus, Craig Fairbass plays the part and I’ve liked him since way back in Cliffhanger. Don’t tell hubby I said that.  I can’t refer to like and that movie in the same sentence or he’ll watch it even more. Anyway, he’s the one assigned to bring her back to the lab but he’s battling his own demons along with the zombies.

For the zombie obsessed I say rent Devil’s Playground on a $.99 day at the movie store or I even found it on netflix. It’s a good time waster on a rainy day. We get a lot of those here in the Seattle area lol

On a scale of 1-5 undeads I’m going to only give it a 2 just because the story did take a few different turns than expected with the mercenaries story line thrown in there.

Here’s the trailer:

For those that have seen it what did you think and what do you rate it?

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The Dead Undead Movie Review

While this movie was released in 2010 it is screaming 80’s. SWEEEET!

Film looks cheap, horrible acting, and girls stripping down to their bikini’s within the first few minutes. See, all the main factors for an 80’s film.

The Dead Undead description is: “Good Vampires battle Zombie Vampires while trying to hide their own identity and prevent the infection from spreading.”

I swear this movie had everything packed into the first 15 minutes. I even hit pause to see how far into the movie I was. Just when you think the acting couldn’t possibly get worse, the cavalry shows up. Oh man, cheesy with a side of cheese for good measure. lmao

Now we’re talking low budget here. Everything was filmed in one location at a cheap hotel in the middle of nowhere.

If I hadn’t read the description I wouldn’t have known until midway that the good guys are vampires too. The whole zombie vampire is an odd combo. Makes them near impossible to kill and they are the stupid fast zombies on top of it. I hate fast zombies. I like the old school zombies that I could outrun for a while if I had to.

I am unsure why they stayed so long (well except for budget reasons) when they knew a horde was coming. My idea would be to get in the cars and get the hell out. Why they couldn’t do that should have been explained a little bit so I felt like the show was justified at least a bit.

There’s a flashback scene that is really over the top. Goes back to how Gabrielle and Aries met up and how they were turned. But that won’t be the last flashback. Which these I actually don’t mind, kind of like that as part of the story. Makes the vampires more personable.

On a scale of 1-5 undeads I’m giving this one a 3. Worth watching but don’t go out of your way to see it. Nothing else is on late Friday night would be perfect.

Basically this movie is lost. There are too many story lines going on in only 90 minutes of show. We have the good vampires, the teens, there’s this guy who was out wandering around who literally lost his wife and then we have how these zombie vampires came to be. Too much for a big budget movie to take on but way too much for a cheesy low budget zombie flick.
Here’s the trailer

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Stronghold’s For Sale

I love to look at house listings but this article had me drooling. Realtor.com put together an article of zombie listings for places you really should think of buying if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Now of course there are the castles and the islands, but there are also some “affordable” places in the mix. Some of them will force you to move to awful places though so I’m not sure they are worth it. I mean at this time is an island in Florida really the spot to move? Why not move AWAY from the infection instead of landing yourself in it. DUH

There are a few that would be awesome to go in with friends to buy. I mean we’re fantasizing here right?

Is your ultimate zombie stronghold on an island? Up in the mountains?

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