Walking Dead Marathon

I swear the problem with me updating is my own design. I figure I should step in and write a million work, million dollar post every time.

How about I just do like I set out? Kiss my ass on your opinions and this is mine. lmao

It’s after the Super Bowl and I’m still up at 1am. Go figure! I live just south of Seattle. Our FD chief would love if I’d gone into town and video’d for him lol If my firefighter wasn’t so sure I’d never do it, I’m sure he would have freaked out. My youngest (16 year old boy) was all over the trip into town tonight. It was a mess when my daughter saw it on the freeway going into Seattle. We know only trouble came in later. We’ve lived here through many riots.

I saw the tail end of season 2: Nebraska. That was perfect start into a marathon. This is when Rick turns into the Ricktator. It’s a kick ass moment when you get to look back. As a zombie obsessed girl, I get to look back often.

However, getting into a kick ass spot for a marathon at 1 am on a Sunday night doesn’t matter. It’s still going to be a bad night for me to stay up any later. No matter the spot it’s leaving at.

My bday is in exactly 27 hours.

I’m not afraid to make some family members do a marathon. I have this on netflix :)

I will start reading the books again since the tv show is so far off from the books. I want to read the new governor books lol


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Silent Night, Zombie Night Movie Review

Ah, B movie! What a way to spend a Saturday night alone.

Starts right off with zombies attacking. Yeah!

Lady is in her car crying and we quickly find out she’s leaving her husband. We find out quick who her asshole husband is. Even though I just met her, I know she should have left him sooner.

The zombies have varying degrees of intelligence, just like humans. I think that’s pretty realistic actually. Some just wander around and keep bumping into things. They make very easy targets with a baseball bat.

Then there are the one’s that know you are inside the house and are looking up at you in the second story window. Oh, hate creepy, smart zombies. They end up being called speeders and roamers but I won’t spoil it for you more than that.

We’re instantly thrown into a love triangle. Two buddies that are cops and the wife of one of them who’s a nurse. Go figure? A cop or firefighter married to a nurse. So stereotypical lol

The makeup on the zombies is really comical. I think there are people that go to conventions with better makeup. But I guess having a budget to get that many people looking like zombies would be high.

Silent Night, Zombie Night is a good old B horror movie. I give it an undead 4 out of 5. They did toss enough new stuff in there to keep me paying attention.

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Devil’s Playground Movie Review

Ok, reading the back of the Devil’s Playground case left me with little hope for this movie. Very cliche. Outbreak in London, yeah, yeah and one woman immune that they need to escort back to the lab. It sounds very familiar doesn’t it. I haven’t reviewed that movie yet but hey, don’t base your B movie from something that is a cult classic. (I’m referring to 28 Weeks Later)

Hmm, or maybe do because there are people like me that will have to rent it just to see how different you try to make it? I’m full of answers aren’t I?

I’ll be honest, I watched this movie twice. The first time I didn’t make it all the way through as it was way too late to have put a movie in, even for this insomniac. But even the second time around it took quite a while for me to get into it. After midway it did get better & held my interest.

It’s a B movie, no doubt about that. The acting is merely ok and a lot of scenes are in the same rooms.

But the zombies themselves? UGH, what were they thinking? They seem more like werewolves that eat people. Sniffing in the air constantly, crouched down ready to spring and can do fancy tricks like jumping from the floor to the wall to bounce on you. I think they got a little confused with Underworld. There isn’t any decomposing going on but I can understand that. That makeup would get expensive.

They have these ridiculous veins though. Pale skin and dark green/purply veins. I guess that helps us all know who is infected. Just in case you couldn’t tell by their snarling and sniffing the air like dogs.

The mercenary storyline is a decent try at adding some depth. Plus, Craig Fairbass plays the part and I’ve liked him since way back in Cliffhanger. Don’t tell hubby I said that.  I can’t refer to like and that movie in the same sentence or he’ll watch it even more. Anyway, he’s the one assigned to bring her back to the lab but he’s battling his own demons along with the zombies.

For the zombie obsessed I say rent Devil’s Playground on a $.99 day at the movie store or I even found it on netflix. It’s a good time waster on a rainy day. We get a lot of those here in the Seattle area lol

On a scale of 1-5 undeads I’m going to only give it a 2 just because the story did take a few different turns than expected with the mercenaries story line thrown in there.

Here’s the trailer:

For those that have seen it what did you think and what do you rate it?

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The Dead Undead Movie Review

While this movie was released in 2010 it is screaming 80′s. SWEEEET!

Film looks cheap, horrible acting, and girls stripping down to their bikini’s within the first few minutes. See, all the main factors for an 80′s film.

The Dead Undead description is: “Good Vampires battle Zombie Vampires while trying to hide their own identity and prevent the infection from spreading.”

I swear this movie had everything packed into the first 15 minutes. I even hit pause to see how far into the movie I was. Just when you think the acting couldn’t possibly get worse, the cavalry shows up. Oh man, cheesy with a side of cheese for good measure. lmao

Now we’re talking low budget here. Everything was filmed in one location at a cheap hotel in the middle of nowhere.

If I hadn’t read the description I wouldn’t have known until midway that the good guys are vampires too. The whole zombie vampire is an odd combo. Makes them near impossible to kill and they are the stupid fast zombies on top of it. I hate fast zombies. I like the old school zombies that I could outrun for a while if I had to.

I am unsure why they stayed so long (well except for budget reasons) when they knew a horde was coming. My idea would be to get in the cars and get the hell out. Why they couldn’t do that should have been explained a little bit so I felt like the show was justified at least a bit.

There’s a flashback scene that is really over the top. Goes back to how Gabrielle and Aries met up and how they were turned. But that won’t be the last flashback. Which these I actually don’t mind, kind of like that as part of the story. Makes the vampires more personable.

On a scale of 1-5 undeads I’m giving this one a 3. Worth watching but don’t go out of your way to see it. Nothing else is on late Friday night would be perfect.

Basically this movie is lost. There are too many story lines going on in only 90 minutes of show. We have the good vampires, the teens, there’s this guy who was out wandering around who literally lost his wife and then we have how these zombie vampires came to be. Too much for a big budget movie to take on but way too much for a cheesy low budget zombie flick.
Here’s the trailer

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Stronghold’s For Sale

I love to look at house listings but this article had me drooling. Realtor.com put together an article of zombie listings for places you really should think of buying if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Now of course there are the castles and the islands, but there are also some “affordable” places in the mix. Some of them will force you to move to awful places though so I’m not sure they are worth it. I mean at this time is an island in Florida really the spot to move? Why not move AWAY from the infection instead of landing yourself in it. DUH

There are a few that would be awesome to go in with friends to buy. I mean we’re fantasizing here right?

Is your ultimate zombie stronghold on an island? Up in the mountains?

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Zombie Survival

zombie essentialsEmergency preparedness is much bigger than just the zombies. I just love to use the zombies as an example because these movies are what got my mind to think.

Really, can any one of you zombie movie lovers tell me you haven’t had dreams about how you got out of town? How you had to battle to get out of town? What you grabbed and how you got your loved one’s along the way?

Fuck me, am I the only one? Well, I knew I was obsessed so I’ll just run with it. lol

Doomsday preppers and other shows have gotten hubby into the mix. I don’t mind. Whatever motivated setting up supplies for an emergency is only good right? Just as long as we do.

Some day I’ll write up how my dreams have gone as I know there are some killer movies I’ve thought up.

But about that zombie survival. There are definitely going to be some key things you need.

What’s your weapon choice?

We all know there is a battle for what weapon is the best. I’m definitely all about the guns first and we own them legally and also have our concealed carry licenses. Again, I’ll reinforce that I want everyone to go through legal channels to own these as it’s a big deal. Also, go take some lessons so you don’t hurt someone that ISN’T a zombie.  However, I’m not sure how long my ammo is going to last and it’s just not possible to carry around as much as I would feel safe with. So, I’m going with the good old Medieval Sword. I don’t want some spindly sword, I want something long and weighty so it really hacks. Plus I don’t want them getting close enough to touch, ewww!

How will we eat?

Like the ammo, there is just no way to have enough of this for me to feel completely prepared. I mean, I want to survive for decades and a zombie attack is going to take the grocery stores out for quite a few years lol I also have 4 adults to plan for. That’s a LOT of food and water. Yes, I’ve had the dream of how we will have to ration. I warned you, I have issues. We keep a pretty good canned food selection in our camping trailer. This has helped when the power goes out for a few days and we go live out there in the winter. See, told you this is about more than just zombies, it’s really important to be ready for all emergencies.

We also have water stored out there although not enough for very long. Storing water for long term water is not easy. It takes a lot of space. But we do have water filtration systems the boys take camping so that’s helpful.

We tend to buy food in bulk for the house and store it in my giant Tupperware containers as it’s much cheaper that way. In case of a bug out we would be able to grab most of our kitchen items quickly and run it out to the camper. However, we do have plans to get some food buckets going. In the mean time we’ve gotten some Grab & Go Emergency Food Storage containers. They are pre-packaged so they take up less room and have a shelf-life of 25 years in most cases. Works for me.

Planning for events

I know it’s pretty silly to most but setting up a plan for emergencies is really important. We had a plan for if a fire happens when the kids were really little. We wanted to make sure they knew how to get out of the house and where to meet us. So why would this change in case of flooding, volcanic eruption, earthquake, pandemic or any other major issue? Now that one kid can drive we needed a plan in case we can’t get a hold of her by cell phone any longer. In my mind planning means you’ll never have to use it. I know others feel differently, but they aren’t the one’s that would be visiting this post anyway.

These are just basics and the three things I think are most important. I’ll be hitting things in more detail. I’ll hit them in zombie detail and in other emergency detail as revolves around issues I’d possibly be contending with.

I won’t keep it super serious and I won’t bore you with just informative posts. That’s not why I created this site lol
Why do I all the sudden feel the need to go put a zombie movie in and lighten the mood?

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World War Z – da movie

I bought the tickets almost exaclty 12 hours before the show and each second clicked by slowly.

zombie mistI’ve been reading the World War Z book and I really like it. It’s different. The only reason I haven’t finished it is because life has been so crazy this year because of graduation.

But first I have a little downer to ask about. Has it started to become the norm for movies to come out before 12:01am Friday morning? The first show at my local theater was at 8pm on Thursday and I went to a 10:40 show. While I do appreciate not having to wait that extra hour to see the movie, it really took some of the fun out of it. I’m just curious if other movies have been doing that or if World War Z just started the demise of the midnight showing?

Ironically I’m working on this post and the trailer is on. I think they did a good job with the trailers. Showing the action that’s going to happen but not giving away a ton of story. However, the airplane scene is ruined because of the trailers. We didn’t know exactly how it was going to go down but we knew it was going to be infected. Way to ruin a big scene guys.

Let’s get my personal opinion out of the way. I loved the movie and would like to go see it again in the theater. However, I’ve read quite a bit of the book and honestly I stopped working on this blog post this morning and went and read more. I’m dieing to get the book done now. But I also have to finish the book for book club lol

Oh and in case you’ve lived under a rock, here’s the trailer.

They did a remarkable job of translating the book into a movie. Even though I was jumping out of my pants to see this, I was skeptical on how they were going to turn what is basically a book full of short stories into something people will want to watch. In the book there isn’t one main hero. It’s a compilation of everyone’s stories on how it started and how it spread. Brad Pitt’s part has compiled all the stories in their journeys around the world.

Now it’s been a few months since I started the book so it’s difficult to remember exact details. But I think they missed out on the part where they did figure out exactly where it came from and how the virus was started. I mean they did stick with the doctor going into the village, but that story line had taken it a step further and they tracked it down to the caves or such and some animal. I can’t remember that detail. If I ever finish the book, I’ll reread some of the stories.

A book can never be made into just one movie I swear. This book had way too many stories going on to be able to touch them all and go into detail. They alluded to a few things but this movie is left wide open for them to go into how the US dealt with it and more of what was happening in the ocean. Or at least I think it could do a sequel.

Since I’m at that part of the book, it’s pretty fresh in my mind so I’d love to see it and LA on screen.

Oops, we’re talking about the movie. Well it’s difficult to do a review and not give spoilers for those that didn’t read the book.

Now, yes, I know I’m a zombie freak. Totally obsessed. But this book really puts it out there how it could come about and how the governments would be unprepared.  Completely unprepared for anything of this magnitude that’s fast spreading. It’s like the movie Contagion. In our global economy, stuff spreads quickly.  I really liked that movie too btw.

About those zombies. Holy fucking fast zombies man. They turn in 12 seconds and they run like cheetahs! AHHHHH, not cool. Whatever happened to the good old days of nice, slow, dumb zombies? There’s no running from these zombies. There is only get in a car and hope you can get through traffic. They are knock-people-down-so-you-have-bodies-behind-you-to-distract-them kind of zombies.

I do have one major complaint. Well before that complaint, see Linden smile creeps me out. On The Killing she’s not allowed to smile so it’s freaky lol It’s cool to see her in a different part and I hope she keeps having that happen so she’s not typecast even more. Now to my complaint.

Brad Pitt used to work for the UN and was always going into dangerous situations. As a wife of someone that goes into dangerous situations, she would know not to call him NO MATTER WHAT. That scene was total bullshit as any wife with a husband that goes through dangerous situations will tell you.  They know not to call because they don’t know what situation they are ruining. ALTHOUGH, it’s true he should have turned the phone off ;) Dumbass move all the way around.

One quick thing. Now it was late while I was watching this movie. But I have to send a shout out to our buddy Tim. He said he was looking forward to my review but he didn’t want to just hear about how good Brad Pitt’s butt looked. Damn if I didn’t spend the entire movie waiting to get a good butt shot so I could report back. I mean, I was laughing in my head half way through when I realized I was doing it. Sorry girls, Tim jinxed it. There isn’t a single good butt shot. In fact, even with the running that went on I don’t think I saw his butt once. Way to go Tim :P

I suggest seeing it on the big screen. The scenes really require viewing in theaters so you get the whole picture. I’m really hoping I can get to the theaters and see it again but dang there are a lot of movies out for the rest of the year that we are dieing to see. Even though hubby wants to see it, I know there are others he’ll want to see more. Then I can do reviews of those too!

Now after all that…did you read World War Z? Have you seen the movie? What did you think? If you put a review up on your site, I’d love to read it.

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Descendents Movie Review

It’s always good to go into a movie with some low expectations. Nothing makes me crankier than a big hype. No movie can live up to that. I’m the only zombie freak in any of my groups of friends so I don’t get told movies to go see or even rent. Good!

I have a blockbuster total access premium account with 3 movies at a time. Yeah, I’m a movie dork. I’m lucky that the little down down the hill still has a store so I can go exchange my movies there. This is how I get all the crazy little movies to watch. I’ve seen some really good one’s because of this.

I have seen the big new releases and I knew I was starting this site so I grabbed a new zombie movie I hadn’t seen before. Totally assuming I was grabbing a B movie and prepared for that.

Not so. I’d call it a B+ movie. It wasn’t a blockbuster but I’d put it in a similar category as 28 days. It had a very similar soundtrack come to think of it and it had more of an artsy flair.

But Descendents was definitely created for the artistic side of it. Mostly black and white with splashes of color to accentuate. Red dripping from zombie mouths, on shirts and any wounds. Kids hats had colors and the kids crayon drawings as well. The hope was in color.

This movie is all about the kids. They are the hope of civilization, dun-dun-dun. Yeah, that’s pretty much a given right? But in this one the kids seem to be the only one’s immune to the virus.

The story follows a 9 year old as she struggles to survive in a desolate world. We get flashbacks to how her mom told her and helped her survive.

There are some funny/cute parts and of course parts you watch and just say ugh because kids shouldn’t have to be hardened. Hey, that’s the harsh part of the story. Showing us how these kids had to adapt without adults. How you view that will depend on your age and your parental status lol

I didn’t like nor did I understand the ending. But that’s not a first time for me. I guess I will just have to watch it again and pay even more attention. Scratch that. I just went to amazon to grab the link for the movie and read the other two reviews. Same thing. The ending was thrown in there and didn’t make sense. Guess I don’t need to rewatch.

I liked how the Descendents wasn’t all about the gore of zombies. That can get old. We know what zombies are doing when they are hunched over someone, I really don’t need to see the disembowelment going on. So here we just got the red splashes and done with it.

Go into this movie with low expectations. You will get a basic plot and just enjoy if for what it is. A creepy survival movie.

On a scale of 1-5 undeads I’m going to give it a 3+. It’s definitely worth the watch but I’m not angry when it doesn’t get an emmy. I’ll have to come up with a scale for my movie reviews. Building as we post here lol

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